P&G Reading

Producing the World’s Leading Products with Cutting-Edge Tech & Tools

We’re looking for team players who know how to take charge of business-related challenges and keep us running smoothly. Working behind the scenes in our manufacturing plants using the latest production technology and equipment, Plant Technicians are vital to the success of our business at P&G.

Mainline stations are Reading and Green Park with bus routes 6 and 10 operated by Reading Buses.
452 Basingstoke Road, Reading, Berkshire RG2 0QE

Why Join Us

Starting a career at P&G Reading Plant will provide you with the skills and resources needed to succeed. You will learn technical skills, business leadership, decision-making, teamwork, safety and ownership. You will learn all this while getting paid competitively from Day 1.


At P&G Reading Plant we value and invest in our people. We have a clear pay and progression system which enables you to advance based on your performance and newly-acquired skills. You will work with passionate people and receive both formal training and daily mentoring from your colleagues and manager.

Leading Brands & Innovation

At Reading Plant we produce some of the most iconic P&G brands. Here we make the full range of Gillette and Satin Care shave preparations as well as the entire Old Spice range.  At the same time we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation and are very proud to work at the same location as our Gillette Research and Development function. This makes it an exciting place for technicians to have a career and contribute to the growth of our business.


We embrace a culture of continuous coaching which means in your role with us you will work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your manager. Simultaneously, we offer a dynamic and respectful work environment where employees are at the core of everything we do. We value every individual and encourage initiatives, promoting agility and work-life balance.



We love that everyone is different and understand that, what is most important to you now, might change over the various stages of life. We offer a range of benefits and plans meeting your needs now and in the future. Therefore, we take very seriously our commitment to the compensation and benefits package we offer to our employees. We regularly benchmark our offerings against top peer companies to ensure they remain industry competitive.

Being a Plant Technician

As a technician, you’ll work on a team responsible for keeping production flowing, meeting performance goals, and maintaining the high level of quality that consumers expect from our products.


You will ideally join us from a background where you have applied practical operational skills, including mechanical and/or electrical although these can be trained, more importantly you would need to demonstrate these skills and abilities:

  • The ability to understand and tackle production and equipment related issues.
  • A high level of personal accountability and ownership for results, not being afraid to seek out challenging tasks.
  • A passion for discovering new ways to improve equipment reliability.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
  • A willingness to share knowledge and build capability in self and others.
  • Ability to respect and follow processes and standards including a high regard for Health and Safety. 


Our plant operates 24/5 and technicians work 12.25 hours per day in various shift rotations which repeats every three weeks, and averages out at 37.5 hours per week. The pattern is a week of three days, a week of three nights and a week of two nights and two days as shown here...  

If you want to build digital products and services that accelerate the way we work and deliver value to our employees worldwide, DTLP is for you.

Also this can be a physically demanding job so you may need to be able to lift heavy loads, use stairs, ladders and platforms, move freely, enter and work in confined spaces, and stand on hard  floors for an extended period of time. Some of our roles are less physical such as in our QA Labs, Operations Support and Engineering.

Brands and Products

Our winning products and leading brands are all about innovation – in many forms, from our technology and tools to our work processes to the change we inspire. No matter your role with us, you’ll be part of something impactful and important that makes a difference.
Production at Reading Plant started in 1956 with Gillette Foam and since then we've had an incredible history and presence in Reading. Decade after decade, our product range has continued to evolve as new innovations have come.  Today we produce over 100,000,000 cans of product a year, including the ranges of Gillette Labs, Fusion 5, ProGlide, Ultrasensitive, Series 5, Classic and Satin Care. Our biggest change in recent times has been the change to more environmentally-friendly packaging for everything we produce.
After almost 90 years of its history, this product continues to be a favourite around the world. And here at Reading we produce the entire range of body sprays incorporating 17 variants of antiperspirant and deodorant. Over the years we have seen the consumer preference change and the classic product now reflects a light and fresh grooming choice whilst newer variants have been created to reflect different personas. All cans that leave our production lines each year are shipped around the globe.

Our Facility

We’re located in a state-of-the-art facility, where P&G engineers and plant technicians work together to design and utilise the latest technology to allow our manufacturing plants to produce the highest quality products at optimum production rates.


At P&G, innovation isn't just about making our products the best; it's about improving lives. Thinking innovatively across every area of the business has the power to improve our world, lending a helping hand or spark or movement.

We believe the best ideas emerge from the creative connections that happen between our talented employees. We encourage our multi-functional teams to work together to come up with new ideas to address challenges we face.


At P&G safety is at the forefront of everything we do and it is also built into the core of the company. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for, and Health & Safety can and should be managed. The safety culture of a site is very important, and this starts with each individual. We expect those working for us to take safety seriously and play an active part in creating a positive and safe environment for everyone at the plant.