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About Us 

Shipping the world’s leading products with precision & quality service

We’re looking for team players who know how to take charge of business-related challenges and keep us running smoothly. Working behind the scenes in our distribution centers using the latest production technology and equipment, Warehouse Operators are vital to the success of our business at P&G.

Why Join Us Being a Warehouse Technician Brands & Products Our Facility

Southeast Fulfillment Center, 950 Logistics Parkway Jackson, GA 30233 

Why Join Us

The Southeast Fulfillment Center (SEFC) is a new P&G-operated start up beginning operation in July 2023 and shipment in 2024. As a member of such a very young operation, you will have the very unique opportunity to work in a startup environment. Join the innovative process as we begin to implement breakthrough technology and work to establish ourselves as the newest automated facility within the P&G distribution network!



At P&G SEFC, we value and invest in our people. We have a clear pay and progression system that enables you to advance based on your newly acquired skills. You'll work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your coach and manager.

Training Development  |  Career Path

Leading Brands

Leading Brands & Innovation

We will begin operations at the SEFC in July 2023. We will utilize state of the art technology with the end goal of making work easier for our technicians, while meeting the needs of our North American customers.

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The SEFC is a diverse, dynamic and fast paced work environment that is highly focused on safety and quality.
Our goal is for all employees to have injury-free careers.

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P&G SEFC ensures a competitive pay as well as total compensation package. With paid vacation days, profit sharing/401K, and health insurance starting Day1, as well as great on-site perks such as an on-site medical center, SEFC commits to taking care of their employees right from the beginning.

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being a warehouse technician

Being a warehouse technician is much more than just moving pallets: you are a driver of the P&G business for the southeastern United States


What I like most about my being a Traffic Control Coordinator is getting to help out across many different departments on a daily basis. I'm glad I can be of assistance.



What does it take to join our team?

You must be 18 years of age or older and have a minimum of a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent education.

Our warehouse technicians provide 24/7 coverage and technicians work 10-12 hours per day, across various shifts on both day and night shift. Length of work shifts or the schedule can change from time to time, and additional days could be required to be worked as overtime.

Also, this can be a physically demanding job, so you’ll need to be able to lift/lower/carry 50 pounds by pulling or pushing; use stairs, ladders, and platforms; move freely; enter and work in confined spaces; and stand, sit, and/or walk on concrete floors for an extended period of time. Certain roles may also require twisting motions, bending at the knees, stooping, kneeling, squatting, crawling, and reaching for purposes of installing, operating, and maintaining equipment. While we make every effort to make our working environments as comfortable as possible, warehouse technicians may also be expected to operate on computer keyboards, enter and work in enclosed areas, and work in extreme temperatures both hot and cold, generally in warehouse conditions including wide variances in temperature, dust and dirt.

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Brands and Products 

We partner with the P&G manufacturing sites across North America to customize shipment orders to get into the hands of consumers like you. In doing so, we contribute to improving the lives of those that use our products by working to keep shelves stocked and ready.

Different from our manufacturing sites that may specialize in specific brands, you will likely have the opportunity to work with ALL of our North America P&G brands. We act as the driving force across our North America Product Supply network, bringing different P&G products together in order to send out the specific requests to each of our customers, which include Walmart, Target, and Costco just to name a few!

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Our Facility

We are conveniently located just 50 miles south of Atlanta, GA. We are located in the suburbs of Butts County, GA near many other metro Atlanta suburbs like Mcdonough, Covington, Griffin & more! Our automated site will be a 1.74 million sq ft facility and will create more than 350 new jobs in the area. We continuously strive to not only improve our workplace environment, but also the community around us as well.

Innovation of Facility & Machinery

At P&G, innovation isn’t just about making our products the best; it’s about improving lives. Thinking innovatively across every area of the business has the power to improve our world, lend a helping hand, or spark a movement.

We believe the best ideas emerge from creative connections that happen between our talented employees. We encourage our multifunctional and cross-department teams to work together to come up with new ideas to address challenges we face.

Importance of Safety

Safety is our priority—nothing we do is worth anyone getting hurt. We employ a variety of robust procedures, tools, and strategies, which are tailored to specific plants and technologies. All this is to guarantee that anybody can feel safe doing their job.

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