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Get the benefits that make life better

As part of the Team at P&G Sacramento, you'll have the resources to provide and care for those closest to you. FromDay 1, you'll be valued for your work, which will be reflected in immediate vacation time and health insurance, as well as competitive pay, which has been benchmarked against local manufacturing companies.

Benefits Programs & Compensation Work-Life Balance Facility Offerings/Perks Training & Development

Benefits Program & Compensation

Benefits include dental, vision, and medical insurance, vacation time with the option to purchase more, stock purchase program, financial education, short- and long-term disability support, and more!

Health Care

Health Care: Dental, Vision and Medical Insurance

As a new hire we know health care (medical and dental) benefits are important to you which is why we offer coverage beginning on your first day (as long as you enroll within 30 days of your hire date). We are also proud to be able to offer these important benefits to our employees at lower premiums with lower deductibles than many employers.

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

New hires will enjoy vacation, public holidays, and personal holidays. You’ll have the opportunity to buy additional weeks of vacation using pre-tax dollars by using your FlexComp credit or through salary redirection.

Stock Purchase Program

Stock Purchase Program

Our employees are able to participate in a stock purchase program. You can set aside a small % of your monthly salary to purchase company stock.

Tuition Reimbursement

P&G offers a very generous Tuition Reimbursement Plan that allows employees to seek continuing education courses or programs that are related to their current or potential next assignment within the company.


Short- and Long-term Disability Support

Safety is a priority in our plants and daily operations. At the same time, our employees can feel at ease knowing they’re covered by disability support.

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Work-Life Balance

We recognize that the ever changing family dynamic can be affected by traditional schedules, that's why we encourage employees and their managers to focus on flexibility, if and when it can continue to deliver the business results while meeting the employees personal needs. This can impact where, when and how work gets done.

Personal Leave

ex. Personal Leave of Absence

A Personal Leave of Absence enables the Company to meet business needs and retain valued employees who, for a variety of reasons and at different times in their careers, need to take up to three months off periodically without pay, with continued benefits, for individual interest.

Work Life Balance

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Facility Offerings/Perks

As a P&G Sacramento team member, you have access to our well-equipped fitness center, and onsite health services!


Well-Equipped Fitness Center

Our fitness center (coming 2021) has been designed by a team of employees helping create a balance of all your physical conditioning needs. From cardio to weight training, flexibility to mobility, our fitness center will cover all your needs.


On-Site Medical Team

Our On-Site Health Center is staffed Monday through Friday days with an Occupational Health Nurse to help you with all your health and wellness needs. Why not check out our Vibrant Living Health and Wellness programs?

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Training & Development

In P&G, we hire for a career and not just a job. That's why ensuring our employees have the right resources to develop is critical for us as a company. We offer a variety of possibilities for our people to grow—ranging from classroom or on-line trainings, mentoring, on-the-job learning, and more.

TrainingTraining Programs

Each employee has the chance to attend several trainings a year from our world-class learning curriculum. Some are critical for the job, while others allow you to explore additional competencies or build soft skills.


Beyond classroom learnings, P&G employees can also benefit from learning from others, including our experienced specialists, managers, and senior leaders.

On-the-job Learning

In developing employees, we follow the 70-20-10 model, which states that 70% of information you learn comes from experience. We enable our people to do just that by giving them challenging tasks in a supportive atmosphere which helps accelerate your development and makes each day a learning experience.


Upon starting my journey with P&G, I was provided ample training opportunities and encouraged to grow and develop my skill set. 


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