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Work for a company that cares, doing work you care about

P&G is driven to make life better—not just within the company, but across the globe. From Day 1, we commit to doing the best by each other—for our employees, our consumers, and for people everywhere. As a part of the P&G team, you will share in that commitment.

North Chicago Plant drives a culture of innovation and continuous improvement with a focus on quality and safety. We work hard to deliver for our customers and businesses, but we do so in a way that is fun, engaging, and ever-so evolving 

People Work Environment


Every day, we strive to make sure P&Gers feel valued, included, and able to perform at their peak. We win when everyone brings their unique self to work, when we bring out the best in each other, and when everyone's talents are used and their voices are heard.

EVERYBODY here wants you to win & I love it here!



My mom has been with the company for 37+ years; hopefully, one day I can say the same. EVERYBODY here wants you to win & I love it here!

P&G offers amazing opportunities for career growth unlike anywhere else.



P&G offers amazing opportunities for career growth unlike anywhere else. In my 10 years at P&G, I have had direct impact on over 25 of our brands and have been able to transition to exciting new roles in manufacturing, supply planning, engineering, and R&D - all within the same company!

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Work Environment

Our teams embrance change every day, working in fast-paced, high energy environments that promote creativty, encourage leadership, inspire commitment, and champion diversity. We are proud of every member of our North Chicago family, and respect their talent, dedication, and skilled-work contributions to the site

Work Community

Every plant is made up of talented individuals who come together to form supportive teams that collectively make the entire operation a success. Support, communication, and trust runs through everything we do. Strong relationships are forged every day—we spend a lot of time together and it’s a very friendly atmosphere. In fact, it’s a home away from home for most, and for all of us, it feels like family.

We have an incredibly strong sense of teamwork and supportiveness within our working organizations. We believe that by building relationships are able to be more effective and impact more businesses as a team.

Diversity & Gender Equality

Just as we strive to create products for everyone, we also strive to create an inclusive workplace. We're committed to make sure every employee can do their best work with us, which means nurturing an environment that allows them to bring their full-selves to work and creating a space that they feel able to share bold ideas that make a positive impact on our leading brands and their careers.

PWD Accessibility

Frome resource and affinity groups to specific aids, we make sure people with disabilities (PWD) at the site and broadly at P&G have everything they need to feel welcomed, be understood, and make a difference. Every day, we work toward making our site -- and the world -- more inclusive and accessible

Employee Events

At North Chicago Plant we host a variety events throughout the year to build connections, create community, and just have fun outside of work. We do things such as holiday parties, trips to a Cubs game in the city, riverboat tours downtown, picnics in the park, and many other things to keep our employees engaged and to have a little fun outside of the office.

Giving Back to the Community

Being a product of the community in which we work, North Chicago takes on several initiatives throughout the year to give back to the community. Annually, we donate products to the Mary Mission's Homeless shelter, we volunteer in the community to give back time, and we do active campaigns to raise and donate money to Lake County United Way organization. We are proud to be apart of our community and take a lot of pride in the work we are able to do to make it even better.

Awards & Recognitions

  • VISTA HEALTH SYSTEMS AWARD For Support During The COVID-19 Pandemic


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