Work in our high-tech plants

Look ahead to a dynamic career. Start building tomorrow!

What does building tomorrow at P&G look like?

It begins with shaping a fulfilling career, full of professional growth and inspiring challenges. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s also putting together a bright future for you and your family, through multiple benefits and programs that improve your wellbeing. And of course, it’s using cutting-edge technology to help build and distribute our iconic brands, loved by billions of people across the world. 

Proudly making the world’s leading products

P&G’s innovative facilities manufacture some of the biggest and most recognizable products worldwide. We also implement the latest technological advancements –as well as the strictest safety measures– to constantly guarantee top quality and a secure work environment. 
Our plant technicians keep everything running smoothly, using a problem-solving focus to respond to unique challenges efficiently.

Join our talented production team

Interested in a manufacturing job? We’re always looking for team players who’re ready to explore a dynamic career path and play a vital part in P&G’s success. From Technician to Shift Leader, to Technical Coordinator and then Line Leader; here you can keep growing in a wide range of roles while learning and improving your skillset.

A day at a P&G manufacturing site

Work with a truly diverse team and learn what it takes to maintain the highest levels of production. Some of the most common tasks of manufacturing plant technicians include:  
  • Operating and maintaining the equipment that runs our processes
  • Troubleshooting process problems
  • Performing preventive maintenance on equipment
  • Performing quality checks
  • Leading continual improvements in your area of ownership

What makes P&G manufacturing jobs special?

Whether you’re about to start your career or ready to take it to a new level, your job at a P&G plant will refine your technical and decision-making skills, as well as provide you with dynamic leadership opportunities. 
At P&G, you’ll be empowered to become the best version of yourself. Learn how:
Competitive salary
At P&G, you’ll start with a competitive base salary that allows you to fully support yourself and your loved ones, while also letting you reach your savings goals. As you start achieving – or exceeding – your objectives, we’ll reward your performance with merit increases.
Benefits Our diverse benefit programs include medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and stock purchase programs, as well as multiple initiatives created to recognize your great work. You also receive a year-end bonus on top of your normal salary.
Clear path for advancement We make sure to give you a real sense of employment security by retaining and developing our talented employees. Our well-defined, competitive pay and progression system enables you to acquire new skills and advance to new roles that keep challenging and inspiring you. You’ll also receive in-depth formal training and day-to-day mentoring.
A friendly and respectful environment We promote a welcoming and supportive work culture, where people are put first. At P&G plants, cooperation is constant. Here you’ll find no communication barriers and you’ll always be encouraged to freely express any improvement ideas or concerns to your leaders.
Leading brands All around the world, our manufacturing plants are home to a wide variety of products that belong to billion-dollar brands, such as Always, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Gilette, Pampers. When you start a manufacturing job at P&G, you’re contributing to making everyday activities easier for our consumers, as well as making the world a better place by reducing the environmental footprint, conserving precious resources, and helping ensure a healthy planet for present and future generations.
Innovation at our facilities and machinery Employing strong digital systems and leading-edge technology in our facilities, such as automation and artificial intelligence, allows us to make the highest quality products at optimal production rates.
Safety first Safety is our top priority. We use a variety of procedures, tools and strategies tailored to specific plants and technologies. All of this enables us to significantly reduce risk so everyone can feel safe doing their job.