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Get the benefits that make life better

As part of the P&G Cape Girardeau family, you’ll have the resources to provide and care for those closest to you. From Day 1, you'll be valued for your work, which will be reflected in immediate vacation time and health insurance, as well as competitive pay which has been benchmarked against local manufacturing companies.

Benefits Programs & Compensation Work-Life Balance Facility Offerings/Perks Training & Development

Benefits Program & Compensation

Benefits include dental, vision, and medical insurance, vacation time with the option to purchase more, stock purchase program, financial education, short- and long-term disability support, and more!

Health Care

Health Care: Dental, Vision and Medical Insurance

We care about the health and wellbeing of our employees. That's why as a Technician, you’re able to benefit from dental, vision, and medical insurance from Day 1.

Vacation Time

Vacation Time

While work is important, we also want our employees to be able to rest and regenerate. That’s why you’ll be able to leverage a generous vacation time offering, with the possibility to purchase more when the need arises.


Stock Purchase Program

Our employees are able to participate in a stock purchase program. You can set aside a small % of your monthly salary to purchase company stock, with a 50% match from P&G.


Financial Education

As a P&Ger, you can take part in our financial education program, which can help you effectively manage your cashflow and maximize your savings.


Short- and Long-term Disability Support

Safety is a priority in our plants and daily operations. At the same time, our employees can feel at ease knowing they’re covered by disability support.

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Work-Life Balance

P&G Cape Girardeau cares about its employees and wants to ensure that your job is only a portion of you as an individual. Below are some of the ways Cape Girardeau ensures a healthy work-life balance.


Schedule Rotation

Our current scheduling for Plant Technicians allows for more time at home! With our 2-3-2 rotating shift schedules, you get 15 days off per month; including two 3 day weekends per month.

Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave

Employees with responsibility for a child’s upbringing (including mothers, fathers, domestic partners and legal guardians) are eligible for up to 8 weeks of Paid Parental Leave to care for and bond with the child. An additional 8 weeks of leave is available to mothers and surrogates for birth and recovery time.

Work Life Balance

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Facility Offerings/Perks


Well-Equipped Fitness Center

Here at P&G, we prioritize the overall well-being of our employees. We understand that fitness is important to the overall health of our employees and that is why we have invested in a well-equipped fitness center that can fulfill whatever needs you may need.


On-Site Medical Team

Our medical team is located on-site and is always available for any incidents that may come about here at the site. They are available at all times and ready to assist our employees in whatever way possible.



At the Cape Girardeau Plant, we have a food provider that consist of members of the community. Our food provider serves a wide variety of nutritious food every day an affordable price so that you are fueled to perform at a high level. We offer breakfast and lunch to ensure there is always food available for our employees.

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Training & Development

In P&G, we hire for a career and not just a job. That's why ensuring our employees have the right resources to develop is critical for us as a company. We offer a variety of possibilities for our people to grow—ranging from classroom or on-line trainings, mentoring, on-the-job learning, and more.


Training Programs

Each employee has the chance to attend several trainings a year from our world-class learning curriculum. Some are critical for the job, while others allow you to explore additional competencies or build soft skills.


Beyond classroom learnings, P&G employees can also benefit from learning from others, including our experienced specialists, managers, and senior leaders.

On-the-job Learning

In developing employees, we follow the 70-20-10 model, which states that 70% of information you learn comes from experience. We enable our people to do just that by giving them challenging tasks in a supportive atmosphere which helps accelerate your development and makes each day a learning experience.


Upon starting my journey with P&G, I was provided ample training opportunities and encouraged to grow and develop my skill set. 


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